The Exciting List of 17 Adventurous Things To Do In The USA

This grand country, the USA, is a haven for adventure seekers. Its diverse landscape and culture offer a plethora of opportunities to experience the thrill and excitement.

This guide will take you through 17 adventurous things to do in the USA with a traveller’s tip for each.

1. Trek Through the Appalachian Trail

Covering 14 states and over 2,000 miles, hiking the Appalachian Trail is an adventure of a lifetime.

Be prepared for stunning views and a real test of endurance.

Traveller’s Tip: Pack light, but be sure to bring a good pair of hiking boots and a reliable map.

2. Explore Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

Descend into the depths of the world’s longest cave system.

Explore the intricate passages and grand chambers that hide beneath the surface.

Traveller’s Tip: Book your tour early, as they can sell out during peak season.

3. Rock Climbing at Joshua Tree National Park, California

With more than 8,000 climbing routes, Joshua Tree National Park offers an unforgettable rock-climbing experience.

Traveller’s Tip: Always check weather conditions before you climb and bring plenty of water.

4. Kiteboarding in Maui, Hawaii

Experience the adrenaline rush of kiteboarding, a combination of windsurfing, surfing, and paragliding.

Traveller’s Tip: Beginners should take a few lessons before hitting the waves.

5. Ice Climbing in Ouray, Colorado

Ouray Ice Park offers a unique adventure for those willing to brave the cold.

The park features over 200 ice and mixed climbs.

Traveller’s Tip: Warm clothing and proper gear are a must.

6. Snorkeling in Key West, Florida

Explore the third-largest coral barrier reef in the world.

Witness an array of vibrant sea life and stunning underwater landscapes.

Traveller’s Tip: Wear eco-friendly sunscreen to protect the reef and your skin.

7. Paragliding in Point of the Mountain, Utah

Experience the sensation of flying and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of Utah’s stunning landscapes.

Traveller’s Tip: Check the weather conditions and wind direction before you go.

8. Caving at Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

With over 119 caves, Carlsbad Caverns offers plenty of opportunities for spelunking, an adventure not for the faint-hearted.

Traveller’s Tip: Always stick to the designated paths and remember, safety first.

9. Canyoneering in Zion National Park, Utah

Navigate through narrow canyons, rappel down cliffs, and swim through natural pools.

This is an adventure you’ll never forget.

Traveller’s Tip: Always check weather conditions as flash floods are common in canyons.

10. Skydiving in Monterey, California

Experience the thrill of freefall and enjoy stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and Monterey Bay.

Traveller’s Tip: Dress comfortably and listen carefully to the pre-jump safety briefing.

11. Zip-lining in Kauai, HawaiiFly Through the Jungle

Soar above the tree canopies and enjoy the lush, tropical landscape of Kauai.

Traveller’s Tip: Don’t forget to bring your camera!

12. ATV Riding in the Oregon Dunes

Experience the thrill of riding an ATV through the largest expanse of coastal sand dunes in North America.

Traveller’s Tip: Remember to wear protective gear and respect the marked trails.

13. Horseback Riding in Glacier National Park, Montana

Ride through rugged terrain and witness the breathtaking beauty of the park.

Traveller’s Tip: Wear long pants and sturdy shoes for the ride.

14. Scuba Diving in Catalina Island, California

Discover an underwater paradise with vibrant marine life and kelp forests.

Traveller’s Tip: Always follow your guide’s instructions and respect the marine environment.

15. Whitewater Rafting on the Gauley River, West Virginia

Experience the thrill of navigating through some of the most challenging whitewater rapids in the country.

Traveller’s Tip: Always wear a life jacket and helmet.

16. Heli-skiing in Alaska

For advanced skiers, Alaska offers untouched powder and unparalleled mountain views.

Traveller’s Tip: This activity requires previous skiing experience and a good fitness level.

17. Bouldering in Hueco Tanks, Texas

Hueco Tanks offers world-class bouldering with a variety of routes to challenge every skill level.

Traveller’s Tip: Bring a bouldering pad and plenty of chalk.


The USA offers a vast landscape of thrilling adventures for all types of travellers.

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the adrenaline rush that these adventures bring.

So, which adventure are you going to embark on first?

David Kingston

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