Things To Do in Arkansas – Not Just Another Brick in the Wall

Alright, I get it. You might be thinking, ‘Arkansas? Really? What’s there?’

Well, let me stop you right there. Arkansas is not just a flyover state. It’s an underrated gem, and I’m about to prove it.”

1. Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art:

Our journey begins in Bentonville, the birthplace of Walmart and home to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

This place is a feast for the eyes, nestled amidst natural beauty and filled with stunning works of art that celebrate America’s creative spirit.

Traveler’s Tip: Check the museum’s schedule online. They frequently host special exhibitions and events.

2. Hot Springs National Park:

Next up, we head to the Hot Springs National Park. Known as ‘The American Spa’, this park is home to natural hot springs that offer a relaxing soak amidst beautiful surroundings. I

t’s like taking a bath, but Mother Nature is your host, and the setting is a bit more scenic.

Traveler’s Tip: Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit, and remember, the mornings tend to be less crowded.

3. Whitaker Point:

Let’s amp up the adventure with a hike to Whitaker Point.

This trail takes you to a crag that overlooks the vast wilderness of the Ozark National Forest.

The views are out of this world, and the photo opportunities are endless.

Traveler’s Tip: Wear sturdy shoes for the hike, and keep an eye on weather forecasts – it’s best visited on a clear day.

4. Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site:

History buffs, assemble!

It’s time to take a detour into history at the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site.

This isn’t just any school; it’s a key site of the American civil rights movement, where nine African American students bravely challenged racial segregation.

Traveler’s Tip: Opt for the guided tour. The knowledgeable park rangers really bring the history to life.

5. Buffalo National River:

Lastly, we’re heading to the Buffalo National River, a natural playground perfect for canoeing, kayaking, or just floating along with a beverage of your choice.

It’s 153 miles of undammed river which offers pure unadulterated fun.

Traveler’s Tip: If you’re planning on renting equipment, make sure to book ahead during peak season.


And there you have it, the hidden charms of Arkansas. It’s a place where art, history, and outdoor adventures intertwine, presenting an experience that is anything but ordinary. So if you’re still considering it just as a flyover state, I reckon it’s time to reconsider.

David Kingston

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